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Open doors to demons.

Open doors to demons! We look at how we open doors to the destroyer and how we step on the enemy’s territory and we look at the authority of the believer and how satan fell like lightning. Part 1 (Occult & Demonic objects).

Are you poisoned by bitterness? We discuss unforgiveness as a door that demons can use to enter into your life.


Can we open doors to the demonic by sexual relationships? Why marriage? We continue our series on open doors to demons.

We also look at the role of demons in mental illness and discuss faith and medicine:

6 Demons mentioned in the bible – part 1 – the spirit of fear and the spirit of death.

We look at six demons or types of demons mentioned in the bible and we discuss how to deal with them; in part 1 we deal with the spirit of fear and the spirit of death.

This is part one of section 3 of our series on deliverance; please select the topic deliverance from the menu above (or the drop down menu on the top left for mobile users) to view section one (The root) and section two (Can Christians have a demon?)

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