Prayer that works (PTW) is a ministry born out of a deep desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister to people in and about prayer. PTW is a teaching and evangelical ministry with a strong focus on prayer, the Word of God and bible study as well as the healing and deliverance ministries.

From as early as 2016 the Lord has laid it heavily on our hearts to reach out in intercessory prayer for those in need (be it for deliverance, salvation, healing or financial breakthrough) as well as for the persecuted Church and Christians around the world.

In 2020 the Lord added a strong focus on the subject of fear, anxiety and depression and teaching and praying for people to be free from fear anxiety and depression. This was also the start of our video ministry with a strong focus on word based solutions to spiritual and physical challenges.

Prayer is one of the greatest weapons any believer has and with a strong knowledge of the word of God every believer who has put their faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God can pray effective prayers that work.

Please let us know what your prayer requests and questions are and join with us as we pray for others. Get involved as an individual or a group and lets support each other and bring glory to God in prayer.

The ministry offers its resources free of charge and relies on the support of its followers and their donations.