Then I prayed to the God of heaven - Neh 2:4

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6 Demons mentioned in the bible – part 1 – the spirit of fear and the spirit of death.

We look at six demons or types of demons mentioned in the bible and we discuss how to deal with them; in part 1 we deal with the spirit of fear and the spirit of death.

This is part one of section 3 of our series on deliverance; please select the topic deliverance from the menu above (or the drop down menu on the top left for mobile users) to view section one (The root) and section two (Can Christians have a demon?)

Prayer 2.0 – Praying in the Spirit!

We discuss the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gift of praying in tongues and why we need to pray in tongues.

Ever wondered what to pray for when you don’t know what to pray or for whom to pray? Can we pray when we are busy with other things? We discuss this in Praying in the Spirit Prayer 2.0 our final part in this series

The humility of Christ as foundation to our faith.

In the humility of Jesus Christ we have a revelation of what should form a part of the foundation of what each of us believe.
Understanding the foundation of our faith is to be strengthened in our faith. We are expected in our everyday lives to provide; preform ; and to be successful. We tend to carry this mentality with us when it comes to our relationship with God and we end up feeling like we are letting God down.
In Christ’s humility we learn that it is not up to us ; that is why God send His only begotten son – to be lowered ; in death – so that the sinfulness of our self can die – [but so that ultimately we may rise up with Christ]

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