It is God’s will for you to be healed.  I’ve put together a five part series on prayer and healing and how to receive your healing. We look at healing from the following points:

  • JESUS – Jesus is the reason we are able to receive healing and He should always be central to any teaching on healing.
  • FAITH – Without faith it is impossible to please God. We look at faith, what is faith? How do we get faith? What is the role of faith in our healing.
  • PRAYER – Have you asked for your healing? We look at the role of prayer and discuss the assumption that God is moved by our need where in fact God is not moved by our need but by our faith.
  • THE WORD OF GOD – How can we pray the will of God if we do not know the word of God? Did you know that God’s word is medicine to your flesh. We discuss scriptures where God’s promise is healing.
  • THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB – The believers atomic weapon. We discuss the blood of Jesus, it’s significance and role in our healing.
  • WHY DO SOME PEOPLE NOT GET HEALED – The reasons are a few and they are many but we answer the tough questions and we provide some comfort.
  • THE HOLY SPIRIT – Our helper and comforter, we see the role of the Holy Spirit and how He is essential in our physical healing.