In our previous post we looked at the privilege and opportunity of prayer; in this post we are discussing ways we can pray effectively:

  1.  We come in the Name of Jesus, our prayers are answered not because of what we do but because of what Jesus has done for us. Because of the perfect and finished work of the cross.
  2. We come with praise. Look at the Lord’s prayer in Matthew Chapter 6 verse 9 and see how Jesus starts the prayer with praise. Look at Leviticus 2:13 and 2 Cron 20:20 and see how the Israelites of old covenant were told to bring salt with all their offerings. In the same way we are to bring all our offerings with praise.
  3. Blend every prayer with thanksgiving! (Read Phil 4:6-7) Though you may find yourself praying from the deepest pits of trouble and darkness give your prayers the silver wings of thanksgiving (a) we have abundant cause for thanksgiving (b) we come as children and not as slaves (c) we watch with eager expectation for our prayers to be answered. See Romans 1 for an example of how Paul the Apostle mixed prayer with thanksgiving and praise.
  4. Come with a clear knowledge of what to ask. General prayer is blessed but asking for distinct blessings together with our general prayer is also needed. I suggest you keep a prayer journal and also find some scriptures with promises for or about what you are praying for.