I heard someone quote a statistic that said that only 20% of Christians pray. I found this strange. I would like to be so bold as to say maybe only 20% of those who “call themselves Christians” pray for it is impossible, yes impossible to be a true believer in Christ and to have a relationship with Christ without praying. Being a Christian and not praying will be like a fish taken out of water, you will very quickly lose all your power and die.

Unfortunately I will say that there are many true believers who spend very little time in prayer and that is why they don’t have all that God has intended for them to have. It is probably the main reason why they are living ineffective lives without blessing and revelation. We don’t earn the answers to our prayers by praying or gain merits for blessings or favor when we pray, thank God, through Jesus Christ we have access to it all but if you are not praying you are not tapping into all that god has for you. You are not exercising your dominion and thus the devil is running amuck in your life.

John 16: 23-24 (AMP)

In that day you will not need to ask me anything. I assure you and most solemnly say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My Name as my representative, He will give you.

Untill now you have not asked the Father for anything in my Name; but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive so that your joy will be full and complete. 


I have found that there are usually about four barriers to believers praying or keeping them from praying:

  1. Guilt and Shame, trying to hide from God. I want to clear that problem up for you, yes, if you had to go in your own name your guilt would hinder your prayer and you would be ashamed, but we are not approaching God in our own names we are approaching God in the Name of Jesus Christ. God doesn’t hear our prayers because we are good, God hears our prayers because Jesus is good.
  2. Real prayer requires “faith energy” when you pray you must believe. Many believers are not spending time in the word and in the presence of God and therefore their faith is depleted.
  3. Unbelief, while unbelief is also caused by not having faith simply because we haven’t been spending time in the word and presence of god we often find that we can have faith in one area and lack faith in another. Good news believer you can ask god to help you in your unbelief and repent. Repenting means to turn away your attention from whatever is not Jesus and putting your focus back on Jesus.
  4. Discouragement – This is a hard one, we often tend to believe that when the answer to a prayer was NO that the prayer was not answered. Believer I want to remind you that in all things God works them together for the good of those who love Him. Often a NO now is preparation for a better YES later. At the same time there are times of monumental pain, sorrow or “setback” in our lives and we don’t know or see clearly now why the yes to our prayer was not the yes to God’s perfect plan. Jesus got a NO once to a prayer, in the garden of Gethsemane when He asked the Father if the cup could pass from him but how great was the YES on resurrection Sunday when by his obedience and God’s perfect plan we were raised to life together with Christ.


I want to encourage you to keep on praying and to pray in the Name of Jesus. Keep a prayer journal. Yes that requires discipline and a bit of effort and it should not become a work that you think in its own will bring the answer to your prayers but it is a good way of seeing just how many of your prayers God answers and answers immediately and how often a No now had opened the door to an even better YES later (sometimes even years later).